Auto Youtube

Showing youtube videos recommended based on tags, categories, titles…

When you click on one of the images offered, that player will show below..

You can see more on


12 Responses to Auto Youtube

  1. yahia says:

    hello ;
    is itpossible to configure thise plugiojn to work in single file onley thanks

    • kalanjdjordje says:

      Ok, I think that you wont to put this on single page or home page without widget form. That is possible .. but you must create function something like
      function get_youtube_form()
      and put that in your template…

      If I mistake, pleas leave another comment with more explanation.

  2. yahia charif says:

    thank you for the plugin , me too i d like to use videos in my single page onley and the code you past is not working
    thnak you

  3. kalanjdjordje says:

    Ok in next version I will make function that can only paste in template. Now I dont have a time for that… plz wait about one week and I will publish next version…

  4. is it possible to have the first video just automatically play when a page is loaded… also i would also want to have these videos show youtube ads..both types of ads like the in video ads as well as prerolled before the video stars ads… please let me know if this sort of thing is possible as this would help me out a lot thanks alot

    • kalanjdjordje says:

      I will publish next version of autoyoutube plugin as soon as possible. I put some extra settings and some new features. I will try to put that in next version…

  5. Thanks a lot Kalanj … It would be wonderful if it did have those extra features which allows us to add all those things. Please keep us updated when the latest update is released as i am really looking forward to it now. thanks

  6. Any updates on when the next updated plugin will be available. really looking forward to this

  7. Mr. kalandjordje ! thanks ! thank you so much ! I put it my site on top of post . Pls check once and give advice for more bright my site to be social

    • kalanjdjordje says:

      You can change color of “Close Video” link and Video Title.

      Class for “Close Video link” is “alldone_gsvb”
      And class for Video Title is “title_gsvb”

      you can change style of this two.


    • kalanjdjordje says:

      Hi, is nice to hear that is useful to someone…

  8. Where is the tutorial and to config and use this plugin…???

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